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Elle Correll has a masters in linguistics, a lifelong passion for art, and a deep understanding of the craft beverage business. Elle grew up in a small Virginian paper mill town, Franklin, and brought the small town sense of community and industry  into her exploration of the broader world. From living in the Sherry Triangle in Spain to picking apples in Kazakhstan, Elle’s broad experience and cutting edge youthful approach has enabled her to build one of the most successful craft brands in the mid-Atlantic, Buskey Cider.

In addition to her ownership role at Buskey Cider with her husband Will Correll, Elle is involved in a variety of local, regional and national craft beverage industry organizations, professionally manages a number of social media pages, designs can labels, creates logos and helps small companies build a robust brand experience. Plenty of people can draw a nice label and billions of people post on Facebook every day, but with Elle comes an international beverage network, vendor relationships, experience raising capital, distributor relationships, visual design, digital marketing, e-commerce, route optimization, and a myriad of relevant skills and connections that only a business owner and entrepreneur would have.

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