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Buskey Mural

Buskey Cider
A May 2020 project.

A mural bringing the brand featured heavily on to go product and online/social media into the tasting room for on premise customers.



The goal of this project was to bring brand continuity between the product experience with the can and when in the tasting room, and connect it to the virtual parts of the business (ecommerce website, social media, etc.). This was also painted the week before reopening, to give returning customers a new stimulating piece of art to enjoy and show that the world is still making progress.


Customers interacted with the Buskey logo on glasses, cans, through social media, on flyers, and through our ecommerce website. Craft alcohol customers don't want branding in your face, but they do want to have a sense of place and make the Buskey brand part of their own personal brand. The Buskey logo with the guy on top is the full logo, but the bottom half is a more relaxed expression, without losing the word. The mural is bent in half and encourages influencers to take pictures in that corner. From the tasting room, it's viewed through a wall that has windows into this room. That further gives the sense of a piece of art rather than in your face branding.

The mural was painted at an angle with the B cut off by the window to production, and the Y draping over the pillar and up into the upper trim. 

Elle Correll_co-owner_finishing up painting a mural in the tasting room.jpg
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