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Kings Cider Can Label
Buskey Cider
A March 2020 project.

Introducing, Buskey Kings Cider, a Kings Dominion branded hard cider offering from the popular Richmond cidery, Buskey Cider.

Buskey Kings Cider is a semi-sweet, classic cider which blends crushed, 100% fresh pressed apples from Virginia and was fermented locally in downtown Richmond.

100% Virginia apples. No added sugar. Gluten free.


The goal of this label was to combine the Buskey and Kings Dominion brands together for this limited release collaboration label.

Twisted Timbers was selected as the roller coaster because it's next to rides that are apple themed.

The typical Buskey labels feature the Richmond skyline, but in order to meld the two brands, the Kings Dominion skyline was used. To keep in line with brand guidelines, the skyline is black with white outlines.

The typography of the name of the cider is in line with the Kings Dominion branding, which changes on every label to give each cider uniqueness in the eyes of the customer.

Buskey Kings Cider 2020 FINAL-01.jpg

Because the launch of Kings Cider coincided with the shutdowns due to covid-19, we ended up selling the cider through our ecommerce website and donating a portion of proceeds to the Next Move Program and what is now Tablespoons Bakery. Kings Dominion has worked with this incredible program for employees, so it was the best way to sell the product, honor our partners in Kings Dominion, and support a friend with her nonprofit.

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